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Bloggle's features

#1 A Powerful Blog Editor

#2 Drive revenues: Embed products in blogs


Use different product layouts 

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#3 Drive traffic: SEO scoring tool

#4 Live examples

#5 More features

  • Embed Klaviyo forms
  • Use our pre-built templates: recipes, interviews, product overviews...
  • Use our sections to create amazing blogs: images, videos, products, texts, table of content...
  • Save & Reuse sections
  • Use our AI to create amazing posts


Do I lose content if I leave?

You keep all your content if you uninstall our app.

Do you update my existing blogs automatically?

No. Bloggle will NEVER update your existing content. You have to import your existing blog posts into the app and then publish the changes to update existing content.

Can i translate my blogs?

Yes. Bloggle is compatible with a lot of translation apps -> Read our documentation

Do I have to import all my blogs?

Bloggle lets you import all your existing blogs or only use the app for the new ones.

Do you add dirty code?

Bloggle will not update your existing code.
We will push new templates to your theme, but we will NEVER update your existing theme code.

Julien Mamalian

Bloggle founder

We founded the Bloggle app in 2021 to help Shopify merchants turn their blog readers into buyers!

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